BLEEP! Writing Isn’t The Olympics

olympicsForget fiction. Today, nonfiction is the featured sport.

In this arena, every word matters.

Readers aren’t like tolerant Olympics judges who’ll average artistic and technical overall scores. Don’t even dream about a third-place bronze medal. If they find one word they hate, you might get disqualified.

What about throwing just one F bomb, or spelling out the obvious B.S. in your oratory? You deserve all the eyeballs possible, right? Shouldn’t the readers know how passionate you are?

Sadly, those readers may act more like the baseball umpire ejecting you from the game. Sure, you may have behaved for all innings prior. Doesn’t matter. One wrong word and you get the thumb. No second chances.

Ryan Hanley at Content Warfare shared one of the best considerations of profanity that I’ve seen. Will you turn a reader on or off with a single word?

Find a way to be yourself without getting flushed by the readers. When they evict you from their attention span, show’s over.


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