The Prolific Writer’s Toolbox Brings Fun, Fast Help

Writer's ToolboxI’ve been a fan of David Masters writing in the free newsletter Freedom With Writing.

David teamed with talented blogger Greg Scott to create The Prolific Writer’s Toolbox: No Nonsense Tips For Writing Fast.

Their e-book offers a calm, welcoming approach to writing more quickly. This title differs from most on the same subject, in that Masters and Scott’s suggestions are balanced between new techniques to add and old habits to discard. Often, all the new advice in the world is bound for failure when one existing behavior can topple all effort.

For example, they provide one tip that restarted my writing. The pair kick the butt of one’s inner critic with one knockout punch of an analogy. Compare yourself to another occupation. “Does a farmer stand there leaning on his pitchfork asking himself, I don’t know; do I suck at bailing hay?”

When it comes time to edit, the authors talk about “the jumpy monkey mind.” This is when a writer’s train of thought derails. It happens when writing quickly. Masters and Scott point out potential trouble spots for fixing, not fretting.

This isn’t a generic, 96-page pep talk. The authors are giving specific do’s and don’t’s that any level of writer can adapt for an immediate difference in their productivity.

The moral I take from Toolbox? It’s pointed out that fast writing is CREATIVE writing. Like a kid creating with LEGO blocks. Masters and Scott keep the fun in productivity.

Only through the month of March, you can get this $4.99 e-book for just 99 cents. I consider this title one of my best buys so far in 2014. Well done, gents!


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