Cheers For Michael Nobbs’ Reissued ‘Beany’

beany1-reprint-cover-160Happy 10th Anniversary, Michael Nobbs!

He’s done a grand reissue of The Beany #1: In which we meet Michael, find out a little about him and read out how he came to draw this journal…

Originally, this self-published gem wasn’t full-color. The anniversary edition changes that.

This is the story of how it all began, how a life was changed and transformed by ME/CFS. The energy-sapping condition inspired Michael to do more with less, beginning with his blog “Sustainably Creative.”

He’s resurrected this vintage creation that lets readers share in the courage and excitement of making something. He explains how creativity might be the best medicine:

“When I draw, really draw, I have to be completely in the moment. I’ve no choice. I have to look at what I’m drawing. Really look. My head can’t be off thinking about illness, or what to do next. I can’t be rushing off somewhere trying to escape how I’m feeling.”

Also, he added a then-versus-now summation of his efforts:

“I would rush at my drawings with great gusto, assured of seeing what I was doing I think, hoping my speed would produce something worthwhile,” he wrote back then. “Now I try to draw slowly. Very slowly. I drink in what I’m drawing.”

As an author, Michael provides a witty honesty. How many of us would have courage enough to close their first book with “100 Things About Me,” let alone reprint the list a decade later?

I love the hand-lettered pages and the spontaneous drawings. Then and now, Michael captures the beauty in every-day objects.

For anyone fearful about not having enough time to create, here’s 52 pages of possibility. Even 10 years later, “The Beany” stands apart as one memorable memoir.





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