StepNpull Rewrites Public Restroom Story

StepNPull“You’ll love our public restroom!”

We may be years away from businesses including such a brag in their advertising.

I’d pay attention. I’m a frustrated dancer who tries to use his elbow, knee and a paper towel to open the men’s room door after washing my hands.

I was delighted to see that the Hy-Vee grocery store had added such a revolutionary gizmo to the base of the door.

StepNpull is a hands-free door opener. No more worrying about how germy that door handle might be.

I wanted to know more about this amazing invention. I peeked at the company website.

The logo is telling. The FEMALE shoe is seen operating the StepNpull. More women than men would be likely to complain about filthy door handles, it seems.

The company’s website stays mellow. There’s no paranoid warnings about plague-carrying customers or employees sliming your door.

I thought I’d see a testimonial from the device’s inventor. What messy public restroom, or unwashed co-workers inspired the creator?

Most of all, I like how the company stresses recency, a trait writers overlook. Why spend tons of money updating a public restroom, if the customer leaves only thinking about how infested the exit door might be?

Readers might have the same attitude. Your intro sparkles. Your story’s body shines. The ending is lackluster and forgettable. The ending disappointment matters most to many.

Of course, your readers always wash their hands, right?


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