Second Volume Of Poetry Back On Track

Volume 2 for Independence Day!

Volume 2 for Independence Day!

SIx months is long enough.

Six months of second-guessing. A half-year of doubting.

I offered 101 PO’ed Poems: Frustrations in Free Verse as a Kindle e-book in October, 2013.

Where’s the second volume?

For months, my plans sat in the shadows. What if I couldn’t match my efforts? Do any sequels ever outdo the original?

Pondering is not writing.

I decided to shut up and finish what I imagined.

I have 101 more ditties awaiting finishing touches. No sugary-sweet sonnets. Poetry for the masses.

I want to offer some free-verse fireworks. That’s why I’m pushing to have an edited volume and an appropriately-profane cover done in time for a July 4 release. The red glare won’t be from rockets, but the blushes from all those annoyers who prompted my muttering missives.

Stop editing the words before they reach your screen.



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