Free Writing Lesson Offered By Walmart

What’s right about Walmart?

Locally, the answers would be Jeanie and Jan.

Saturday, I waited in line at customer service. To my right, I saw a weeping boy approach the greeter.

Instantly, expertly, she ushered the youth to customer service. The CS rep paged for the lost boy’s parents.

Amazingly, just one innocent sentence threatened to undo the professional, compassionate care the pair offered.

“What are you doing for Easter?” the Walmart worker asked the waiting boy.

Think happy thoughts, right?

Not this time.

His eyes grew huge. His lips started to twitch.

Even though he wasn’t a comic strip character, I could read his thought balloon:

“What Easter? What future? I’m trapped here, with all these waiting customers staring at me!”

Quickly, I got his attention. “What about chocolate?” I called.

He exhaled. He blinked away remaining tears. He smiled…almost.

Soon, a peeved but grateful mother appeared. Happy ending.

Both employees deserved applause, medals — and combat pay.

Meanwhile, I pondered the question of the surprising sentence. There’s no words guaranteed for every occasion, audience or reader. Take no sentence for granted.

Also, when in doubt, mention food!





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