CBS Sunday Morning’s Bill Flanagan Stars Teaching ‘I’ Versus ‘Me’

BillFlanaganOnce, Bill Flanagan served CBS Sunday Morning only as a music reviewer.

In the past months, he’s reinvented himself.

Everyone should check out his February commentary on the language stickler “I” or “me.” Which word works when?

Watch this twice, please. First, enjoy the grammar pep talk. Then, look at how Flanagan makes every word count.

I see three specific messages here:

1. You can be funny, even when delivering a lesson.

2. Flanagan excels at “get in, get out.” A magazine editor preached this to me long ago. Make your point. Take your bow. Be done. Run!

3. Fear need not apply. Notice how Flanagan isn’t asterisking himself, telling about a rare, extreme exception in which the grammar rules would not be applicable?

In other words, writers, don’t let the fear of not saying EVERYTHING stop you from saying SOMETHING.


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