Moleskines For Poor Writers?

pocketnotebooksNo beautiful notebook that I’m afraid will be defiled by my mere words.

No needy laptop in a case.

No fancy phone.

Instead, I keep myself focused with a pocket-sized composition notebook. Each comes in 60 to 80 sheets, measuring 4-1/2 by 3-1/4 inches. No spiral wire to shred my shirt pocket. (Yes, it happened more than once!)

The pages stay put, but can be detached easily.

I’ve never paid more than 75 cents for one. I fill them up, dissect them, then shuffle the best pages to recreate the idea that tried to sneak up on me. You deal solitaire. I’ll recreate my saved shards of literary possibility.

Try one of these low-cost wonders. Let me know how affordable inspiration works for you.


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