Whatever Happened To Decoration Day?

FlagStampsFOREVERYou call today “Memorial Day.”

Growing up, it was “Decoration Day.”

We’d remember soldiers and everyone else at our cemetery visit. The long-gone relatives got a sprig of lilac bush blooms, at least.

The day was a time, or a weekend, to visit graves. Even for headstones of those we didn’t know, we’d walk past and smile at what others brought to honor the bygone.

What if you aren’t near the graves of those departed, military or not?

The grave is only one memory of that person. A flower, be it real, plastic or silk, is just one token of remembrance.

Decorate their memory with a memory of your own.

Write an e-mail. Make a call. Love the people, places or things they loved. What might the departed want to do if they were here today? Do it for them.

Say their names.

Remember any way you can. Do it now. When you remember, they’re never truly gone. Make “Memorial Day” a Memorable Day.


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