‘The Beany’ #2 Is Here: Hurray for Michael Nobbs!

BeanyTwoMichael Nobbs is a portrait in creative courage.

I wrote earlier about how he reissued his self-published illustrated journal  “The Beany” 10 years later. This time, the new edition appears in dazzling color.

Over the years, he issued four different editions. These days, he’s wrapped up in overseeing his creative community www.SustainablyCreative.com, of which I’m a proud lifetime member.

Michael is living proof that creativity revolves around constancy. He’s been years grappling with ME/CFS. He’s written, “I’m a lot like an old rechargeable battery that can’t hold much of a charge.” Part of his website involves providing members with a “One Thing Today” podcast. He tells about his creative goals, his challenges (physical and otherwise) and ways that one small effort every day helps move him closer to artistic accomplishments.

Michael could have scaled back on his vow to re-issue his four publications. After all, authors know how writing something new is a juicier alternative than looking back at a prior work. We all want to believe we’re much better, more accomplished, now than we were.

Well, Michael’s 2005 effort is 51 pages anyone could be proud of. About #2 — he subtitled the issue, “In Which Michael finds out life doesn’t always go to plan, but that there’s always drawing and tea…”

He’s honest and insightful. Whether it’s bad news about a pet cat or dire medical results for his mother, The Beany #2 shows us true pictures (in words and images) of Michael’s life then. His in-the-moment drawings let readers see and feel what he did, while he excels at appreciating the wonder in every-day life.

Michael is no slouch as an author, either. He creates a sparkling description of the one yearly meal his father, a former butler, cooked for the family for Christmas. Michael describes a trip to the nearest Ikea with fun flair, so much that I was ready for my own shopping trip. Conversely, he recreates the moment after grim news from doctors for his mother. “We sat and talked for a while and then decided to play a game of Scrabble,” he recounted. “Scrabble is like tea. It makes things feel better.”

Find out about obtaining The Beany #2 on Amazon.com, or through the http://www.SustainablyCreative.com site. It’s available in paperback or Kindle versions. You’ll appreciate Michael’s honest, humorous and courageous trip back in time. Then, you’ll want to see about your past creations that would welcome updating.




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