Kindle Unlimited Fills One Writer’s Voids read my mind.

With Amazon Prime, I was never content checking out a maximum of one book per month. I’m a serial user at the public library. Prime put me on a strict reading diet.

I wanted to use an e-book for a research question, needing it only briefly. Or, I wanted to check out the finished product a publisher (or indie author) offered. Not even to read the whole thing, but just to preview what the person or company seems like.

Kindle Unlimited fills all those voids at $9.99 per month. There’s a 30-day free trial right now. 

No limit on monthly check-outs? Up to 10 books at a time? Cool!

Plus…(and I’m sure I read this right) authors will get a royalty if you read even 10 percent of their titles before returning.

I’m in, with the hope that Amazon will create a yearly fee to reward early-bird users. 





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