You? A Writer In The Creative Hall of Fame?

ThomasPlaqueIt’s possible.

Keep showing up. Keep swinging.

Look at the recent Baseball Hall of Fame inductions. One new member is Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas.

Take a contrary look at his career stats.

Baseball purists cheer his .301 career batting average. No one talks about a hitting failure rate of nearly 70 percent. A non-batting average? Well, writers let a one-star review or rejection letter serve as the same career-ending stat.

Even the year (1997) Thomas led the American League in hitting at .347 has a dark side. He wasn’t hitting 65 percent of the time.

His career featured 1,397 strikeouts, the ultimate failure. Thomas took the long walk of shame back to the bench plenty of times.

That doesn’t disqualify him from membership in Cooperstown. The baseball world remembers all he DID accomplish.

My definition of a creative Hall of Famer would be Michael Nobbs. He just posted his 761st podcast this morning for members of his “Sustainably Creative” site. Every weekday, he’s back in the game, offering a new message.

Why stop? The future is more than one blog post or a single manuscript. Think career.


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