To All Out-Of-Print Authors: Never Give Up!

BellesBookBaseball loves comebacks.

Here’s one: a Major League comeback.

Back in 1992, my wife Diana Star Helmer wrote Belles of the Ballpark. This was a pioneering history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, the World War II-era league that many people know from the movie A League Of Their Own.

Diana wrote it all, long before the fictional movie appeared. The movie pales in comparison to the truth. You couldn’t make up the adventures these players really experienced!

The book defied odds, selling from a children’s publisher who struggled to market this nonfiction book with untold crossover appeal for all ages.

After the first edition sold out, the original publisher chose to let the book go out of print.

Fast forward to 2014. Enter upstart new publisher, Summer Game Books, declaring it would focus all titles ONLY on baseball. 

Diana “pitched” the new publisher. Success!

I’m proud to ride shotgun on this journey, assisting a talented author who wants to load this new version with more epic true-life tales than ever imagined. Early possibilities could offer an e-book before Christmas, with a paperback slated in time for the 2015 baseball season.

It’s a whole new ballgame, as the old saying goes.

Never give up.



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