Paula Neal Mooney Conquers Elance In ‘Work At Home Jobs’

workAtHomeJobsBookPaula Neal Mooney has done it again. She’s demystified online freelance writing, proving that fun AND profit await the determined.

I was ready to wave a white flag to Elance. I bid. I tried. I lost, leaving my hope on their doorstep.

Well, bringing hope to the hopeless (not just me!) is Work At Home Jobs. The author offers a most helpful “been there, done that” title. Not a stuffy textbook, but a conversational primer on her self-taught success with this job-bidding site for freelancer writers.

This isn’t a case of a writer finishing with a platform or genre, willing to feed crumbs to others only when after advancing to bigger, better projects. Paula’s still rocking and rolling on Elance. When she published her e-book in January, she included a screenshot of her Elance profile. She had earned more than $7,000.


Check her out just a half-year later. She’s more than doubled that amount!

There’s no holding back in this how-to. Tons of screenshots let you read, test and learn, as the author shows AND tells. This isn’t a sugary valentine to Elance, either. Paula includes chapters like “What I Broke Up With My First Client,” “The Signs That Make You Run, The Ones That Make You Stay,” “Little Tests To See if a Client Will Pay You” and “When A Client Scammed Me On Elance.” Authors who’ll share everything — the good, bad and ugly elements in their own education are the writers who outshine everyone else in this field.

This book is full of specifics for newbies who’d like to land their first gig on Elance, or those who bailed out after false starts and near-misses competing for work.

Work At Home Jobs is a bargain investment, a purchase you’ll recoup many times over after being helped to your best-paying Elance job yet.



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