Hallmark Cards is helping people write?

HallmarkLOGOI couldn’t believe Hallmark’s offer in their e-mail newsletter.

Writing made easy: Use just the right words in your holiday cards with tips from Hallmark writers.”

I clicked. I gasped. It’s true.

This wasn’t a come-on to buy tons more cards. I was expecting a “Kids: don’t try this at home!” warning.

Nope. This is a confident gift to the world. The greeting card giant implies, “Get involved. We’re just starting you out with these verses in the cards.”

Also, Twitter users will see the significance in Hallmark’s ideas. You don’t need to stuff a multi-page letter in the envelope. Write in the available space on the card. Less is more.

One of my favorite tips? Consider signing each of your Christmas cards “Love, ____.” If not in the season of love and goodwill, then when?

I think some companies would panic. What if people learn to write their own sentiments without us?

Hallmark doesn’t have to worry. Anyone reading these tips will feel like they’ve been coached by a good, talented friend. Consequently, they’ll buy cards from the people they know and trust.

I don’t know if writing will ever be “easy.” However, I will try to adopt more of the techniques of Hallmark’s writing staff in the future. Spell out your feelings. A “me, too!” reader awaits.




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