Crowdfunding Case Study: Collaborate With Author Tom Morkes

CollaborateTomMorkesHow does crowd-funding for books work?

Do you have an idea for a title? Could you do it alone?

Here’s an idea: get involved.

Learn by doing. Be a part of Collaborate: The New Rules for Launching a Business Online, by Tom Morkes. Get involved NOW. Watch this creative seed grow. In fact, you can be the support that brings this book idea into full bloom. His funding goal is within reach, less than a week after launching his latest project.

You’ve got to love the transparency involved with Tom’s mission. The author, an Iraq War veteran, knows something about missions. His whole military career was collaboration.

Tom’s track record as a creative keeps amazing, too. Check out his inspirational blog. I’ve been part of “The Resistance” since his early days, happy to share news of some of his first endeavors.

Collaborate? This is a worthy topic deserving a good book from a good author. That’s Tom Morkes.



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