Grumpy Inspiration for Writers? Novelty King Archie McPhee Amazes Again!

Try holding a cursor still as you're guffawing. Well done, Archie McPhee!

Try holding a cursor still as you’re guffawing. Well done, Archie McPhee!

What inspires me?

The merry pranksters at Archie McPhee rank high on my list each year.

They take silly seriously. Their mail-order catalog gets recited in our house each holiday season. (I’m too clumsy to march from room to room with a laptop as I gawk at their website.)

This is awesome copywriting, people!

Consider the “Grump Notebooks.” Allow me to quote these Washingtonian wordsmiths:


It seems like most products are aimed at people with a sunny disposition, so we thought we’d make a set of notebooks for those that think the world might be a bit darker than most. This is a set of three 48 page, 5-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ notebooks labelled Daily Disappointments, Fresh Rants and Things That Annoy Me. Each has a kraft cover with a pocket in the back to hold extra complaints. These are perfect for keeping notes of bad reviews, remembering what you’re mad about and making lists of things you’re dreading. Pulling one of these out is a serious statement to everyone around you!”

If such a zany present wouldn’t cure writer’s block, I don’t know what would.

Don’t think that these novelty masters are just hawking their wacky wares. I just stumbled upon Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome. This is a true blog of wonder.

They have visionary fun-stuff, plus awesome customer service. If the holidays stress you out, seek McPhee.

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