Thankful to remember what writing really is

TomMHSNewspaperMy first holiday present came via an e-mail from Mike Chiaverina, the talented high school journalism teacher.

Flashback to the 1978-79 school year. The place? Marshalltown (Iowa) High School.

There I am, part of a high school newspaper staff. “Pebbles.” (Sounds like the Flintstones published the paper!)

A swirl of names flash before me. Bonnie Klaas. Teresa Mulvihill. Jana Manz. Beth Squiers. Mary Pappas. Beth Smith. I’m the one without the fashionable hairdo.

On this Thanksgiving day, I’m grateful for the surprise kindness from an inspiring educator.

Most of all, I appreciate the reminder a vintage photo brings.

Without the Internet, without computers, without electric typewriters, people wrote. They published. They shared stories. I was there. I remember. It was possible then. It’s possible now.

Words matter.


One thought on “Thankful to remember what writing really is

  1. Hi Tom, thank you for reminding us what writing really is, and for putting together these wonderful pieces.
    Look forward to reading your next!
    Feel free to check out my writing about publishing:

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