A yummy apple fritter and great dialogue? This bakery delivers!


Good food. Good people!

Some gifts aren’t under your tree. Some get delivered.

Leaving my favorite bakery last week, I opened the door for a silver-haired granny.

“Hello, would you like to go in?” I asked.

“I need some men!” 

“What did you have in mind?” I blurted.

“My husband slipped. He’s on the sidewalk.”

I pointed at two males waiting to leave. “I need help. Someone fell.”

They nodded and followed.

A half-block away, we found one man resting on his back. He looked like an inverted, shell-down turtle.

The three of us righted the fallen one.

My bounty that day wasn’t limited to a tasty apple fritter. You say you can’t create an interesting character who has a way with words? Take a moment and listen. Opening lines are everywhere!


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