Michael ‘Sustainably Creative’ Nobbs’ comeback capped by The Beany #3

Beany-3Life does offer second chances.

Michael Nobbs performed an admirable feat in 2006 in creating issue #3 of The Beany…in which Michael travels from Snowdon to Barcelona via Scotland, drinks plenty of tea and draws a bit…

His self-published marvel is back, now in full color.

Michael’s third installment of his popular journal shows the restorative power of art. “Going out and drawing is a good way to help stop thinking about health issues,” he begins, explaining how creating can transport anyone from what-is to what-can-be.

Instead of a collection of picture postcards from his trips, Michael created his own drawings to accompany some great tales. It’s wonderful to collect his artful insights while experiencing someone who isn’t surrendering to chronic illness. Some of his gems?

“Every little drawing counts.”

“A few quick lines can make a drawing , and can be all you need to keep your eye in.”


“When you draw, you will not feel lonely.” (From Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.)

Simply having his “75 Ways To Draw More” conclusion is a huge bonus, the superb prize at the bottom of your artistic cereal box. This upbeat, encouraging list should kick anyone’s “but…”

I am a Beany fan, someone who’s savored all four issues. Additionally, I’m a delighted lifetime member of Michael’s “Sustainably Creative” website group. Read #3. Soon, you’ll want to be making your own illustrated tales for the holiday season. And beyond!



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