An author’s Christmas wish: How can you help? Just download and open your gift!


The grand cover and book design are courtesy of the talented Onyx and Alexa Aker. Their website details some of their many talents. We recommend them highly!

My wife and sometimes-co-author Diana Star Helmer offered just one wish for Christmas.

“I wish more people would have seen The Three Scrooges: A Christmas Parody,” she said.

This e-book was an amazement to me. She created a short comic tale, a picture book without pictures.

And why not? My mind animated the whole story upon the first reading. I envisioned those comic faces, the wild chases…all from a grateful imagination. In this DIY age, why not have do-it-yourself illustrations?

Back to reality. I asked, “How many readers did you want?”

She smiled. “I’d be happy with a hundred!”

That’s it. Starting on Monday, December 15, The Three Scrooges: A Christmas Parody will be a free Kindle e-book for five days (through Friday, December 19).

It’s a gift for all of you. To make it a gift for Diana, too, please share. Tell anyone. Tell everyone. I’d love her to see more than 100 downloads. I’d be thrilled to see her reach 1,000.

I had more than one author friend warn me. “You need to put the offer on one of those free e-book download websites. You’ll never get a huge response if you don’t.”

Or, we could stick to being old-fashioned personal. There’s no huge promotional plot or marketing blueprint connected to our idea. All that’s fueling this hope is the joyous fun that Christmas brings us. That, plus the belief that we are all connected.  Re-gifting is allowed.  Refer those toughies on your gift list. We love the idea that each reader could come, simply on the basis of “____ sent me!”

Sharing a fast, silly smile can be the antidote to holiday stress.  Not all gifts need to be wrapped.  Please, enjoy The Three Scrooges: A Christmas Parody all next week.  Your enjoyment will be the best gift I could imagine for one deserving author.


3 thoughts on “An author’s Christmas wish: How can you help? Just download and open your gift!

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