Three old-fashioned steps to publicizing a book

3-scroogesFREE1. Ask.

2. Ask again.

3. Apologize, then ask once more.

Learning by doing. That has been what’s been happening this week, trying to find 100 willing recipients to give a Kindle e-book of The Three Scrooges: A Christmas Parody.

Think of all the possibilities. Think of what the smallest adjustment could mean. I took this inspiration from Onyx and Alexa Aker, the talented cover designers. Here’s their thought process visualized:


This morning, I saw there have been 91 downloads. My wife Diana Star Helmer wished for 100. I’m sorry I don’t have a Christmas celebration to report yet.

Please, are there just 10 of you out there to download a free copy from an author wanting to share some holiday silliness? I’m grateful to all of you who’ve unwrapped your present. Is there one other Kindle person you could tell?

I started this quest for Diana on Monday, vowing to be straight-forward. One blogger asking one reader. No spammy “Dear INSERT NAME HERE” stuff. This author wasn’t craving space on a best-seller list or a boosted sales ranking. She wanted others to have the same fun she did in writing the book. That’s it.

All you authors out there, take heart. Don’t be afraid. People are good. You believe in your book. Believe in them, too. Tell them, honestly and sincerely. They may be too busy to respond, but the good ones understand. Don’t fear them.

The good people are many. They are quiet. Some might believe the good are invisible. But they are real. And not just at Christmas.


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