The Three Scrooges: 3 lessons from an e-book giveaway

3-Scrooges-Cover-Facebook-3I shared a Christmas wish here.

My wife Diana Star Helmer wanted to see if 100 people would accept a copy of her Kindle e-book The Three Scrooges: A Christmas Parody. Not as a slick marketing ploy, but as a free gift.

What happened?

Diana got an early Christmas gift. She saw the book downloaded 153 times. Thanks to you, a Christmas wish came true.

(The e-book is still available, just 99 cents.)

Here are three truths I gleaned from this holiday experiment:

1. You’ll never be ready enough for a book launch or promo. Do it now. Learn by doing.

2. Dismiss the naysayers. They’ll tell you that small efforts are a waste of time. Make one huge push. I say, try something now. Take heart from the small bits of positive feedback you harvest. That first step will give you courage for additional outreach.

3. Do it for THEM. Do it for the reader. Stop thinking about the possible thousands out there. Define one reader, then try to connect with that possible person. Most of all, do it for the title. You worked for months. Don’t give up on your creation now. Meanwhile, stop thinking what’s in it for you.

Thanks again for your support this year. Celebrate each other. See you in January!


2 thoughts on “The Three Scrooges: 3 lessons from an e-book giveaway

  1. 100% fabulous encouraging. I know this launch technique will be copied and will bring much success to unknowable hoards of people.

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