One writing resolution for 2015


Speaking of mall Santas, I never saw one better than Santa Ken.

Does your holiday hangover remain? Are there still bits of wrapping paper or unwritten thank-you notes haunting you?

I feel resolution makers are like those kids who flopped in the laps of mall Santas everywhere. “I want this and this and…” Wishes to get things done. Instead, I’m going to try to be a Santa writer, someone who gives first. Most authors are keen on creating something for themselves, then pretending the effort was for the good of humanity.

The December experiment in giving away copies of The Three Scrooges: A Christmas Parody moved me. So many of you helped in so many ways.  I remain grateful.

Today, Central Iowa feels like Santa’s North Pole workshop. No problem. I’m resolute about sharing in 2015. I’ll be sharing my tiny platform, cyber-soapbox, self-created spotlight and other micro-assets with fellow creatives. Readers, followers, likers, literary associates: I appreciate any voice of support. I’ve told that to you in the past.

In 2015, I’ll strive to SHOW and tell.


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