Seth Godin action figure is my keyboard conscience

GodinFigureHe’s watching.

No, not Santa Claus. Seth Godin.

I can’t imagine that Archie McPhee put this awesome action figure out of print. I invested at fire-sale prices.

Whenever I’m unsure of what I write, I check to see if the mini marketing guru is still standing.Can I look him in the eye and be proud of what I’ve written?

Mini-Seth came with “The Little Book of Marketing Secrets.” I love his #4 —

“Anticipated, personal and relevant messages always outperform spam.”

That’s what any blog should be!

This isn’t just bragging about a a favorite toy. It’s about finding a writing secret in his “Marketing Secrets.”

My Seth is less than 5-1/2 inches tall. Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket.

There have to be fun, fast ways to hold yourself accountable for creating.


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