Raygun immortalizes Joni Ernst breadbag shoe tale!

You may have heard about Iowa if you watched the State of the Union rebuttal.

Here’s the rebut to the rebuttal, by some of the state’s greatest humorists: RAYGUN! Please, check them out.

And, if you’re curious, here’s the memories of another former kid-Iowan…

I never saw a parent try to put breadbags on the outsides of our shoes. We chose to wear banana peels, although they weren’t quite as slippery.

Seriously, I did see a COUPLE of kids with breadbags inside their supposedly-leaky snow boots. The myth purported that bags would keep your feet dry.

Ha! The aroma of hot foot-stink filled classrooms. Sweat-soaked socks. Cover your feet in a cling-wrap sauna for a few minutes and you’ll understand. Just open a window before you try it.




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