Incommunicado author Randall Platt dishes on reviews

Incommunicado2-200x300When a new book appears, it’s easy to imagine what the reader hopes. However, what is that author, that book’s creator, feeling?

I prospected this nugget of wisdom from author Randall Platt on Facebook. Her World War II novel, Incommunicado, inspires.

She does, too! Here she is, riffing on early expectations for a new title:

I have learned most things the hard way. I know it takes a healthy ego to presume to write books people will pay money to read. I remember getting a fat head when some earlier books got great reviews. Then I remember my first stinker review. (cue hair pin deflating swollen head!) I now treat all reviews (opinions) like they used to keep figure skating scores. Toss out the high one, toss out the low one and average everything in between. As I heard long ago in an old film about show business: ‘Your ego will always lie to you.’
A selfless, sharing author. An endangered species? Look, and be amazed. They’re still out there. Thanks, Randi!

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