Would you write like Porky Pig?

Found at the fascinating www.porkopolis.org. Easily the most literary porcine site going!

Found at the fascinating http://www.porkopolis.org. Easily the most literary porcine site going!

I am wearing a second “job” hat this year.

When I’m not writing, I’ve been moonlighting as a free-lance editor.

Lacking super powers, I decided to team with a super author for additional insights. My wife Diana Star Helmer is a focused, succinct storyteller. She’s added her input on projects, allowing clients a “two for the price of one” perspective on their projects.

Before signing on for any editing gigs, I’ve kept trying to kick one writing habit.

The re-statement temptation never wanes. If a sentence, or even a word, seems important, why not repeat it? Well, the addiction grows. Upon editing, I’ve felt like that Looney Tunes character. Once is enough.

To spare a certain Pig’s feelings, I’ll call upon another movie. Scrooge is a favorite Christmas musical. One of the best numbers features soup man Tom Jenkins (played by Anton Rodgers) singing Thank You Very Much. Even then (only for the big finish) the lyrics are limited to THREE verys per line, I believe.

Believe in your words when written the first time. More isn’t always better.

That’s all, folks!

On second thought, that’s not all. I might question the editing skills of one cartoon icon and his USPS pals. If I could zoom back in time to 2001, I’d lobby for a comma on that postage stamp.





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