Upbeat writing advice from one downbeat author: remembering author Robert ‘The Chocolate War’ Cormier

CormierBookYes, THAT author. The one famous for his serious (even shocking) novels for young adults.

At a writing conference, my wife and I shared a banquet table with this happy man. A man who seemed NOTHING like any of his plots.

What inspired him to be a published children’s author?

“I worked (as a reporter) at a newspaper,” he answered. “The guys would go out for a beer after work. I wasn’t the best storyteller. Far from it.”


Cormier smiled and lowered his voice. “But they just kept telling stories. They never did anything with them. I went home and wrote mine. And I never stopped.”

What is, versus what can be. Comparing yourself to others, or being yourself.

Write your own story.


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