Do It Better! author does book promotion better

DoItBetterBookLearn from the best.

Toward that goal, I joined the Pat Flynn’s Kindle Publishing Facebook group. My wife Diana Star Helmer just published Maybe Baby, a futuristic suspense novel. How can she get more reviews on I hoped for a brief tip or bit of advice.

Instead, one author stepped forward. James H. Mayfield reviews OTHER BOOKS on his website. He volunteered.

The Maybe Baby book review floored us both. Honest, thoughtful, detailed!

The appreciation for this indie author’s efforts grows, when considering that he’s taking time and attention away from his own projects to assist the people some might call his rivals. His own Do It Better! book launched only Feb. 1.

In the ME-ME-ME world of self-hyping self-publishers, why would any author point the spotlight at other people’s books? Here’s his enlightening e-mail reply:

“I feel that the best way to help yourself, is to help others. It’s a strange concept that can’t quite be defined by black and white definitions like selfishness or selflessness. What I do, I don’t simply do for myself, but I’m not also doing it completely for altruistic reasons either.

I want to be successful, because I believe in what I have to offer to the world. Through my books, through my blogs, through my business ideas and so forth. But I’m a realist that also understands that It is very hard to become successful in a vacuum. I need the help of others to succeed myself.

And the beauty of that concept is the realization that it also applies to everyone else. Other people need guys like me to help them, so that they can can become successful and then help me in return.

This is how we can make the world a better place. How we can all become successful. By helping others, we help ourselves, which gives us even more resources to help others.

I’m not sure if any of that made sense, but basically, I’m being selfish in a selfless fashion, so that I can become even more selfless in the future for selfish reasons.

It’s a mess of a concept. But there you go.”

Some authors tell you about themselves. Here’s one who SHOWS you, putting his creative courage in action. Kindness as a marketing plan? If anyone can “do it better,” it’s James H. Mayfield.


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