Applauding Rich Hanson’s Feral Cats poetry

????????????????????????????????????A gift of self.

That’s the greatest creation a writer can offer. My friend, poet Rich Hanson, has done just that.

His chapbook Feral Cats and Other Poems is an 80-page literary smorgasbord. Rich’s narrative verse has unique qualities unseen by far too many poets. The differences?

1. He is personal. Whether commenting on cartoon characters, the Civil War legends he’s researched or his own aging father, Rich offers a direct perspective, a sense of voice.

2. He connects the dots. Even while embracing humor, in works like Beatification of the Stooges or Popeye Gets His Ass Chewed by a Personnel Director, Rich makes clear comparisons. A patchwork quilt of ideas come together via Rich’s pen.

3. Less is more. The jewel I savored most was the nine-line poem Remember Me Then. A moment captured and felt by so many animal lovers.

Feral Cats and Other Poems is $14 (check or money order) to the poet:
Rich Hanson, 616 East Clinton Avenue, Monmouth, IL 61463

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