David Nihill’s Do You Talk Funny? book takes humor seriously

DoYouTalkFunnyCover“Brevity is levity.”

— David Nihill

The author of Do You Talk Funny? 7 Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker knows his stuff.

I’ve never seen someone make what seems to be a God-given talent into a learned skill. In fact, he’s developed a Udemy course on the subject. I wouldn’t believe a “How to be Brilliant” or “7 Ways to Being Alluring.” Here, however, Nihill makes funny work.

How? Through storytelling. His tips would work for authors, not just speakers. In fact, performing doesn’t take center stage in his chapters. I’d love to see teachers embrace his techniques.

He’s funny in the present tense. The author doesn’t get all academic, telling readers to edit their words. That’s the point, though. Active verbs. He stresses to “start with a story.” Focus!

And, that’s the point of being funny. No one knows what hit them. Under the radar education. Nihill tracks laughs per minute on popular TED talks.

Based on the case he makes for the power of persuasive humor, I’d think Nihill is a future voice for the TED stage.

Do You Talk Funny? is serious business. Make Nihill your humor yoda. It’s the greatest superpower you’ll ever learn.



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