Meet Artist Crystal Moody: Queen of Creative Habits

Crystal Moody

Show up daily.


Keep trying every day.

Easier said than done?

Don’t tell Crystal Moody, the artist/photographer/blogger/creative marathoner. Meet the “Year of Creative Habits” dynamo.

That means a year is filled with 365 drawings. Paintings. Blog posts. She’s even added a “50 reads” vow. A book a week, gasps someone trying to cope with reading a few daily e-mail?

"Furrsday," a weekly tribute to shelter dogs. (Photos courtesy of Crystal Moody)

“Furrsday,” a weekly tribute to shelter dogs. (Photos courtesy of Crystal Moody)

Crystal shares. She holds herself accountable. You’ll find her detailing her creative ups and downs on Instagram, Facebook and a weekly e-mail newsletter (stuffed with amazing artful links).

I had but one question. How can a seemingly-visual person be so verbal? How does she summon the words, not just images?

She replied:

“Your question is very flattering. It’s quite possible that for me, writing a blog post every day last year was a bigger struggle than doing a drawing each day. I’m definitely more visual. There were many days I complained that I’d ever started blogging!

“When I’m really doing the work and I’m deep in the creative process, I just write about what I’m going through. It’s like a journal or a letter to a friend who’s going through something similar. I find that I struggle with writing around the same times that my art is in a slump. They kind of go together like that. I just keep at it because even though I don’t always enjoy it, the writing has really helped me grow and evolve as an artist.”
Crystal is sharing her inspiration and talent weekly. “Furrsday” is a new painting of a local shelter dog. Any artist who can be a voice to the voiceless wins my heart.
 Yes, Crystal confirmed there is a future book (of her own making!) swirling as part of this creative whirlwind.
 On her blog today, Crystal was asked what she does on days when she can’t think of anything to paint.
“Just paint,” she responded.
Yes, showing up matters. Create now, worry later. Thanks for showing us how, Crystal!

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