Finding fault with Finding Serendipity

serendipityBook“Denis walked across the room, flung his head out the writing room window, and peered out into the darkness beyond.”

— from Finding Serendipity, by Angelica Banks


Sometimes, one sentence overshadows a whole book for me.

This middle-grade novel is co-written by two Aussie (Tasmanian) authors using a pen name.

All I could imagine was “The Three Stooges Meet the Zombies.” Flinging heads out windows?

Also, is it time for a book that doesn’t espouse the wonder of books and magic of writing, offering an author as a main character?

Noble sentiments for sure. However, I’m hoping a few books will get written expressly for young readers. Books with subtexts aimed at the gate-keeping teachers and librarians give me second thoughts.



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