Ogden Nash made poetry fun


A stamp worth reading!

Poet Ogden Nash broke rules.

Unconventional rhymes.

Unconventional attitudes.

This is National Poetry Month. I’m proud I attempted my own volume of poetry. The Kindle e-book is entitled 101 PO’ed Poems: Frustrations in Free Verse.

I thought of the master during the process, hoping he’d surrender a smirk or snicker over some of my ravings.

Essentially, Nash proves there are two kinds of writers:

1. Those who write what they think editors/agents/teachers/librarians/booksellers (and other scary mythic creatures) expect.

2. Those who write what they’d love to read themselves.

Are you having fun with what you write? If you don’t, how can readers enjoy themselves?


2 thoughts on “Ogden Nash made poetry fun

  1. Ignore my blushing. The e-book is less than one lottery ticket. Guaranteed lifetime of riches through reading? Well, you won’t get that scratch-off goo under your nails with the e-book…

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