Reviewing Hannah ‘If You Find This Letter’ Brencher

BrencherBookDear Hannah,

You’re all about letters. So why not? I agree that The World Needs More Love Letters. More blog posts, though? That’s a trickier one.

Your book If You Find This Letter: My Journey to Find Purpose Through Hundreds of Letters to Strangers needed two readings. At first, I was puzzled that I found just four examples of letters you’ve shared with strangers. I  thought I might find a “Top Ten Tips For Better Letters.”

Upon a closer look, I gleaned from page 60 that self-help books “were anticlimactic” when you needed them most. After that, I was able to sit back and absorb your movement-in-progress.

Being willing to write encouragements to random passerby, all by sharing your own feelings and experiences as “A Girl Trying to Find Her Way” is the spontaneous love craved by so many. Then, you allowed others to enjoy the ride. You’ve created dots that others can connect.

Thank you for sharing this tale now, instead of waiting until retirement. This book is a testament to the written word in all its forms. Furthermore, If You Find This Letter shows that sincerity rocks. You didn’t have all the details worked out in the beginning. Nevertheless, you took action.

While a possible “how to” element in your memoir might be the cereal box prize some readers might be wishing for, that’s not the reason to feast on this story. This book is for all the other caring, hopeful people out there who want to matter. Creating contagious caring. It’s possible.

Just try. Just start. Just read this book.

Well done, letter lady!


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