Chasing Kindle’s ‘verified purchase’ reviews up a tree

I loved the speculation on about the logo's meaning. Deep thinking!

I loved the speculation on about the logo’s meaning. Deep thinking!

Do you trust me?

I confess. I’ve posted non-verified Kindle e-book reviews on I’ve been provided books to be reviewed on this blog, for instance.

I’ve been provided copies in exchange for honest reviews. And, I am honest.

If all customers are so doubtful about reviewer honesty, why would they believe every “verified purchase” review? All that’s been proven is the sale of a copy.

I’ve seen a bumper crop of verified five-star reviews with nothing but “Loved it. Buy this book.” All I believe is that a book was sold.

Analyze the stars on each review, if you want. Fret about how each reviewer acquired the copy read.

Or, look for insights from readers you can relate to. Why does the book work (or not)? How could it be better? Do you like the examples quoted and cited?

In short, trust no reviewer. Try trusting yourself.



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