Death of an ice cream cone: words to rant by

Going, going...

Going, going…

Michelle Riesberg is one of the most creative folks I know.

Anyone can rant. You had a bad day? So?

How bad was it?

Our shopkeeper friend found a way to show how bad it was when she got trapped in a fast-food drive-through lane. Bumper to bumper, she had no way to escape from the world’s slowest service.

Michelle decided to illustrate her plight, whipping out her camera phone.

Arthur Miller would have titled this “Death of an Ice Cream Cone.”

Three morals here:

Gone! (courtesy Michelle Riesberg)

Gone! (courtesy Michelle Riesberg)

1. It’s better to laugh than to cry

2. Words can make pictures, too. Find a focal point, a poster boy, someone or some way to zero in on the point of your story.

3. If you want to take a cone break from your writing, choose carefully!



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