Why would an author choose a small publisher?

SummerGameBooksBut they’re so new.

But they seem small.

Get off your buts. 

Today, I held in my hand the first finished, paperback copy of Belles of the Ballpark: In Celebration of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

The published work looks wonderful. The cover, the photo reproduction, the layout. Everything! I’m proud.

When my co-author wife Diana Star Helmer and I wanted to do an expanded, updated version of this book, we knew we needed the right partner.

We have heard the cravings for “established” publishers. Big names are best, right?

Not necessarily. We found the one place that declared its allegiance to baseball-only books. The staff is filled with perfect teammates. Like us, they believe in baseball.

If you go looking for a publisher, leave your ego behind. Find like-minded people who’ll help serve your story. In the end, the reader wins. Isn’t that the point?



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