How to find new readers? Show AND tell!

(Courtesy of Onyx and Alexa Aker)

(Courtesy of Onyx and Alexa Aker)

Halfway there!

There have been 100 free downloads of my wife Diana Star Helmer’s novel Elsie’s Afghan. The wish to reach 200 new readers remains in view. Likewise, author Diana has the hope of using her novel as a spotlight for the powerful magic knitters offer with each shared creation. That’s a goal for every day, not just World Wide Knit in Public Day.

As I wrote yesterday, this wasn’t about using the lawn sprinkler and spraying a FREE BOOK offer everywhere.That’s what happens with products. Diana, like a knitter, created a one-of-a-kind story unlike any I’ve ever encountered. The story came to her like a gift. That’s how she wants to share it. One reader at a time.

With the visual talents of Onyx and Alexa Aker to applaud, here’s a sample of Elsie’s Afghan. For those of you who have downloaded the e-book, thank you. Her Amazon page awaits. If you can find someone to share the offer with, the book is available until midnight Saturday.


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