Debra Barton’s new ‘Dream Launch’ worth the ride

BartonDebraBookDebra Barton’s Dream Launch: Live the Life You Imagine debuts June 29.

A sneak peek delighted me. This is not a bookish book. Dream Launch is fast-paced, focused and caring. A gift! This is a conversation with someone who’s sharing what’s helped. Not a dry, detached list of actions to be followed, but a series of steps that got Debra from high schooler dreaming of writing to published author.

In fact, Debra goes humble in addressing her own dream launch. She was a wife and mother of three, then someone who went back to work full-time. However, this author-to-be didn’t let what was overshadow what could be.

“Don’t be the only thing¬†standing in your way,” she shares.

In her fine concluding chapter, “Dreams of the Deceased,” Debra adds one last profound bit of advice. “Also, please encourage your children to dream.” Wise words. I wouldn’t expect less, considering that her book provides that same encouragement for all readers.

Dream Launch is a worthy choice. I hope the title launches author Debra Barton toward many more impressive creations.


2 thoughts on “Debra Barton’s new ‘Dream Launch’ worth the ride

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