Writing reader reviews: my karma throwdown

This isn’t about sales.


Hang on, authors. I’m on the way!

This is about hope.

I shut off my Kindle today, muttering that I should get around to leaving a review for another e-book I’ve enjoyed.

When I can. When I can get around to it.

No more.

I’m seeing too many authors ready to wave white flags. They have e-published, but feel alone. They did a good job, only to doubt themselves.

Here I come. By the end of 2015, there will be 52 more honest reviews posted on Amazon.com. That’s 52 minimum.

That’s the least I can do. Authors need us.

Who’ll join me?


2 thoughts on “Writing reader reviews: my karma throwdown

  1. Tom – I am all about paying it forward. There should be no competition, jealousy, or spitefulness. Let’s all unite and lift each other up! I’m on board!

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