Author Debra Dream Launch Barton hasn’t landed yet!

BartonDebraBookI remain inspired by Dream Launch, the debut title of author Debra Barton. The world doesn’t get a look at many writers after their creations appear. How do they keep their work in the public eye? Personally, how do they avoid an artistic letdown that keeps a second book from appearing?
Seeking Debra at her website, here’s her reactions to both questions:
“I believe all authors think their book will save the world.  It won’t.  But I was still surprised that my book was received well and it reached that Bestseller status.  I felt I was lucky to be in a good category.
“Continually promoting not just your book, but yourself, is important to keep you in the minds of potential readers and not just the ones online.  I had business cards made up and I pass them out to everyone and stick them on everything.  All I need is a ‘my name and my website.’  They can find me and learn about my book(s). Plus, I just happen to mention to people I am writing or have written a book.  It never fails to open up questions.
“I am a naturally helpful person, but when you are genuinely helpful (meaning you don’t expect anything in return), people respond and are willing to help you without even asking.  I have made some great connections with other authors and really enjoy the give and take of information and helpfulness.”
I asked if her book has kept pace with her expectations or hopes.
“After the initial push and things do naturally slow down as far as sales, I haven’t reached that low point yet – and maybe never will.  My expectations were high, of course, but I still was unsure about what to expect.  Sure I would like to have more sales, but more importantly I have learned lessons along the way that will be invaluable when I write my next book.  Hopefully, I will be able to pass my knowledge on to other new authors!  A lot of people think that if they don’t sell “x” number of books like Joe Author they are somehow a failure.  As I mention in my book, you either go forward or you learn something and there isn’t any failure in that!”
Lastly, I wanted to know if the author had heard Peggy Lee singing Is That All There Is? How do you keep the creative music playing after your book appears?
She replied, “Now what?  Write another book, of course.  I’m going to try my hand at fiction.  I have a novel that I started about four years ago that I would like to finish.  With the encouragement from my new-found community of friends, I have no doubt I will.”
The moral? Stop asking “If I write a book.” Edit your thoughts. “When” you write that book, what will your next moves be?

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