Brad Wax Pack Book Balukjian odds-on favorite as 2017 baseball author rookie of the year!

1986ToppsPackTalk about fearless creativity!

Brad Balukjian is redefining literary transparency. He’s on a dream road trip, meeting heroes in preparation for The Wax Pack Book.

Brad opened a pack of 1986 Topps cards and vowed to track down all the cardboard immortals. From Randy Ready to Steve Yeager, the 13 men who appeared at random (with a vile slab of antique pink gum) are a fascinating baker’s dozen. What if a baseball card could talk 30 years later?

The book-in-progress is unfolding on Twitter, Instagram and Brad’s website. He’s sharing daily victories and setbacks, down to a scoreboard that tallies his total coffee intake.

His subtitle is “One Pack. No Turning Back.”

Brad has written articles for years, including sports pieces for the Los Angeles Times. But a book?

This quest began with a 75-page proposal, including a sample chapter (thanks to a weekend with former infielder Rance Mulliniks).

“Book publishing is so competitive,” Brad said. “Publishers want as little risk as possible.”

FIve agents clamored for Brad’s affiliation. After choosing representation, Brad was advised to finish his cross-country interview-a-thon before the agent would begin selling the project.

“In some ways, I don’t even consider this a baseball book,” Brad added. “I’m asking (the featured former players) about their fathers, their relationships, things no one has ever asked about.”

Don’t think that Brad will disappear before the project sells and gets published. “I’m thinking about podcasting, sharing conversations with other men featured in the 1986 Topps set.”

Clear space on your bookshelves now, baseball fans. The 2017 season is destined to begin with a bang, thanks to one man — and one wax pack.





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