Hello, Magic 8 Ball: who likes questions as lead paragraphs?

Still available. Still fun!

Still available. Still fun!

Ask again later.

Not now.

The Magic 8 Ball may never reply, “How cute! A guessing game. What a coy way to begin your writing. Like a knock-knock joke without the laugh.”

More likely, when you ask the Magic 8 if it’s okay to start any writing with a question, the reply might be: “Throw me at your head. Then, you’ll know how I really feel.”

Fight the impulse to begin your novel, memoir, article, blog post or other writing with a question.Build trust, not annoyance. Your sources or your characters should be the ones who are applauded as cute. Readers will connect the dots later, realizing that you are the gifted storyteller.

Resist. Write. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.



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