Free sci-fi ‘beach read’ Sunday and Monday

MaybeBabyCoverI married a Who from Whoville.

My wife, author Diana Star Helmer, shouts both, “I am here” and “My e-book is here!”

Diana has created Maybe Baby. She describes the book as “Not too far in the future, science has an unexpected side effect. And it’s very, very personal.”

“The book was unexpected,” she added. “When I realized it was science fiction, I was shocked.”

Writing a new genre was never about seeking more sales, Diana said. “The story wanted to be told. I seem to have been elected.”

Maybe Baby tells the story of Mia, a seemingly-ordinary 16-year-old female with an extraordinary gift. Distrust and danger dog her. When she realizes someone else is endangered, Mia has to move fast in crafting the perfect escape for two.

The idea of giving away e-books via free downloads is something Diana welcomes. “It will help get the story told. It’s meant to be a fun, exciting tale. This shares the fun.”

Maybe Baby is free Aug. 9 and 10.




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