Two secrets of a Kindle e-book promotion

(Image by Onyx and Alexa Aker)

(Image by Onyx and Alexa Aker)

Maybe Baby has been fun.

My wife Diana Star Helmer is in the second day of the free Kindle e-book giveaway. (Yes, good books still remain. But hurry!)

Everyone should enjoy the feeling of being a literary Santa Claus.

What kept the process from feeling overwhelming?

We asked talented people for help.

The first request went to Onyx and Alexa Aker. The pair created a striking themed graphic to show AND tell about the book’s availability.

The Akers set themselves apart from other designers through extra effort. Anyone who reads Maybe Baby should say, “Ah. That’s just like that cool illustration I saw online.”

Why? Because the Akers read the book beforehand to see that their visual ideas matched the book’s theme. The Akers are all that. And more.

Secondly, we knew someone ready to spread the word of the book’s availability to the world. We wanted someone who could post the news everywhere fast.

That someone is e-book author James H. Mayfield, who doubles as a social media all-star. He reached more than 100 online sites fast and economically. He’s answered our questions before and during the event. James is someone every self-published author should have as an ally.

How do you find such creative teammates. Ask. Ask. Ask. Not just references, but the providers. Do they listen? Do they converse? The caring creatives are the ones to recruit and retain.


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