The Green Box challenges readers, writers

GreenBoxBookR.D. Cowen is taking her literary life back. Her newest e-book, The Green Box: A Collection of Poems and Other Musings, is a fascinating exercise in creative courage.

The title refers to a treasure chest in which this mother collects letters to and from her children. “When I am gone, I think it will seem like they have a bigger part of me if my words are captured on beautiful paper, with good ink, in my handwriting.”

The true story takes one stunning tumble. In 2008, a horseback ride ended in near tragedy. Cowen was thrown, suffering a head injury and memory loss. “But love doesn’t let go. And I love writing,” she explains.

Her goal? “And maybe the memories will flood in. Maybe not. Either way, I must write.”

In The Green Box, Cowen is sharing writing from as early as 1987. Romance. Religion. Those themes develop over the next quarter century.

Her current writing overshadows her early efforts. This would be the case for any writer. However, would any writer be this brave, sharing EVERYTHING?

The passion and sincerity on every page make The Green Box worth opening.


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