Author Kelly Milner Halls shows Blazing Courage

BlazingCourageHorse-loving kids, an author is galloping to the rescue for you.

Kelly Milner Halls has just debuted the beginning of a fun new series. Her Blazing Courage: Animal Rescues #1 (Darby Creek Publishing) is more than just action-packed fiction about a girl getting her first horse.

The book is a milestone for Kelly. Check out her Wonders of Weird website. You’ll see a career stressing non-fiction. She’s transferred that NF talent to write a taut, thrilling tale, making every word count. Her dialog sparkles. She concludes her book with a two-page summary of the REAL fire that almost consumed two dozen horses.

Like her main character, Kelly raised a wild Mustang as a girl. Plus, she still collects Breyer horses.

How do you make the jump from non-fiction to fiction, finding the ability to do both well?

Some might advise to write what you know.

Or, you could follow Kelly’s model: write what you LOVE.

I’m ready for book #2. More, please!



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