Belles of the Ballpark fights to save fast-fading baseball history

BlueSoxGrandstandsI’ve told people why I served as co-pilot and co-author for the new edition of Belles of the Ballpark: Celebrating the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, written by my talented wife Diana Star Helmer.

This week, someone is helping to SHOW why the book matters.

Ryan Woodward attended the AAGPBL reunion in South Bend last month. South Bend hosted the Blue Sox, an AAGPBL team from 1946-54 at Playland Park.

Ryan had to search to find the grandstands of that bygone ballpark. The stands are fenced off and overgrown. Thanks to intrepid Ryan for snatching a bit of history back from the jaws of progress.

Sinatra sank "There used to be a ballpark." In South Bend, it hosted the AAGPBL's Blue Sox for nine seasons. (Photos courtesy Ryan Woodward.)

Sinatra sank “There used to be a ballpark.” In South Bend, their park hosted the AAGPBL’s Blue Sox for nine seasons. (Photos by and courtesy of Ryan Woodward.)

The history makers don’t live forever. The stories fly out of sight faster than a home run clearing the fence.

Even the landmarks can disappear.

That’s why books like Belles are needed. More than 60 years later, these women still matter. I hope you’ll check out the title and agree.

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